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    Piper Cross Belt

    Buy these amazing Piper Cross Belt for a complete Scottish look

    Our variety of Piper cross belt is crafted from natural leather and represents a beautiful design embossed into the leather. Made thru the splendid craftsmen and women, this Piper cross belt is made to fit everyone. To be had in a variety of sizes and colors, these are made with comfortable Velcro measures. A piper cross belt is a traditional part of the Highland outfit. It’s basically worn across the body to hold the sword or any other bladed weapon. Enhance your Scottish or Irish outfit with these brilliant Piper cross belts. It is mostly worn when you want to attend a really formal event or to complete your Scottish Uniform. Our variety is filled with the popular black leather Piper Cross belt with a width of 2 ¾” that is straightforward to match any highland outfit. Made from a 100% natural leather, these Piper cross belts are really durable and long lasting. Browse via our great variety of Piper cross belt and purchase the one that suits your Scottish Outfit. Browse through our large collection of Piper cross belt and buy the one that meets your desire.

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