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Scottish shawl, kilt fly plaid

Match your Scottish shawl or kilt fly plaid with your kilt’s tartan for an attractive look

We offer a range of the traditional Scottish shawl,  kilt fly plaid for sale in our online store to display your tartan in style. A kilt fly plaid appears fantastic with any kilt, whether or not you are dressed for a casual or a proper event. It is worn brooched at the shoulder and allowed to drape down the back. For an attractive look, you need to pick a kilt fly plaid crafted from the equal material as your kilt. The same old end is set an inch of fringe on each cut quit of the material, the opposite sides are the completed fabric selvages. Other finish alternatives are available. We are confident that our huge collection of Scottish shawl for sale will definitely get you a matching tartan kilt fly plaid. A piper’s plaid is not just for pipers. It could additionally be worn through each person for very formal occasions. Wear it with a Prince Charlie or other formal attire. Crafted from a full width of tartan, 3 ½ yards lengthy. One stop of the plaid is pleated and stitched and is normally worn across the body. It additionally seems top notch folded and brooched on the shoulder. The product listings are divided based totally on each supplier’s price and tartan availability. Browse through our large collection of Scottish shawl for sale and buy the matching kilt fly plaid with your kilt at affordable prices.

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