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    Tabor Drum

    Tabor Drums for sale

    Are you in looking to Buy Best Tabor Drum?

    At 5 Supplies there are varieties and Styles of Tabor Drum for sale. A tabor has a cylindrical wood shell, two skinheads tightened by rope tension, a leather strap, and an adjustable gut snare. Each tabor has a pitch range of about an octave. Larger the tabor, the lower the pitch. It is played by just one stick, which usually strikes the snare head. The Tabor Drum for sale is suspended by a strap from the forearm, between the elbow and wrist. When played, the shell is virtually parallel with the ground. The tabor is classified as a membranophone and dates back to the Medieval period in Europe. The size of these early tabors ranged approximately 11 to 12 inches in diameter and 4 to 10 inches in width. These 13th-century tabors were thus larger across their diameter, but the tabor continued to evolve with time and eventually some were almost even in diameter and width. Tabors were constructed of wood for the body of the drum with the stretched membrane made out of some type of animal skin. The tabor together with the pipe had the ability to make complicated musical timing meters. Tabor use decreased by the mid-17th century. The tabor did continue to evolve throughout the 19th and into the 20th century. The tabor style is still used as the tambourine in France. For lovers of Best Tabor Drum for sale, all the instruments of your need are available at 5 Supplies where your search reaches the ends.

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