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    Renaissance Drum

    Renaissance Drums

    Are you searching for Renaissance Drums?


    If you want to buy the best Renaissance Drums, 5 Supplies has the complete solution for your search. Renaissance Drums has a cylindrical drum with two heads, one with a snare. When the drum head is struck with the drum sticks, the snare adds a vibration or rattle to the drum. The Renaissance style drums have a tension rim holding the skinhead, and the snare is on the bottom head. This style of drum is a traditional military drum with a long history. They were used to mark time for marching or to signal during battles. In France, during the era of the 18th century, they were known as tambours and were well associated with the political resistance and rebellion against the French monarchy. As a military instrument, this drum was often used in combination with a wooden or metal pipe. Both instruments were played by one individual, like a one-man-band. The pipe was held and played with one hand, while the other hand held the drum stick and played the tabor. Such snare drums were used in military bands until the 19th century when it became an orchestral instrument. Today this style of the snare drum is used in parades and processions. Modern Renaissance Drumare more fashionable, attractive and long life. There is a brass hook to help suspend the drum from your belt or strap while playing. If you are searching for Renaissance Drum your search ends here at 5 Supplies where you can find the instrument of your choice.

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