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    Medieval Drum

    Medieval Drums

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    Medieval Drums were made initially from a hollow tree trunk, clay or metal and covered by skins of water animals. The Medieval Drum can be described as a percussion instrument consisting either of a hollow cylinder, over each end of which is stretched a piece of skin, to be beaten with a stick or of a metallic hemisphere. With a single piece of skin to be so beaten, the instrument is used in martial music or cavalry band. Types of Medieval drums included the bass drum and the snare drum. The first bass drum had a short shell with a wide head and can be traced back to the 14th century in Europe. The history of the snare drum dates back to the Tabor found in Medieval Europe. The term bass drum has been used for two distinct instruments.  So if you are searching for medieval Kettle Drum here you have all the musical instruments of your interest at 5 Supplies.


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